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Funnel Cloud @ Lawson MORotating Wall CloudStorm and Corn FieldLightning, Kearney MissouriAfter The StormDusk Thunderstorm, West Liberty IowaTryst Falls , Excelsior Springs MissouriHeavy Rain at Tryst Falls, Excelsior Springs MissouriSummer Lightning Storm, Kearney MissouriSevere Storm, Liberty MissouriThunderstorm East of Kearney MoSevere Thunderstorm, Clinton County MissouriMammatus CloudsDyingThunderstorm, West Liberty IowaMoon and Start against Distant ThunderstormSquall Line, Clay County MissouriThunderstorm, Clinton County MissouriNight Time Thunderstorm, Kingston Mo.Tornadic Thunderstorm, Macon County MissouriLightning at Kearney MO